The VCS Unlimited Plan Plus Two


From £650 per month for 5 users.

Our flagship support plan includes unlimited IT support together with a raft of services designed to give you total peace of mind.

The Unlimited Plan Plus Two includes:

  • Monitored antivirus & anti-malware
  • MSO365 Exchange Mailbox with independent Mailbox Cloud Backup
  • Monitored computer/server health
  • MSO365 Office Application Suite
  • VCS provided services support
  • Domain registration and hosting.
  • Support via Tickets, email or phone
  • Web monitoring and restriction service
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Inclusive unlimited support
  • Hybrid cloud file storage.
  • Free installation on Equipment & Computers purchased from VCS
  • 30-day obligation, 30-day terms
  • Hybrid cloud NAS sync
  • Choose from a range of add-on services and products


Monitored antivirus & anti-malware

As it has a very small footprint, VCS Monitored Antivirus gives you real-time threat protection against viruses, spyware and other malware without hogging system resources or slowing down PCs – even during scans and updates. Better still, any potential threats are reported to our support staff in real-time, allowing for their removal, often without you ever being aware. And because it scans on the endpoint, no potentially sensitive data leaves your network.


Monitored computer/server health

Our monitored service also keeps track of the system health of your computers and servers. This will allow us to detect system software or hardware issues so that they can be dealt with before they become a problem or before they are even noticed. This allows us to provide a more proactive service enabling you to run your business with less unexpected interruptions.


VCS provided services support

Support for all hosted services provided by VCS is included. This covers setup, usage and technical queries.


Support via tickets, email or phone

Support can be obtained via our Ticket system, by email and over the phone. Support issues will have tickets raised for tracking purposes.


Scheduled maintenance

The lynchpin of our support strategy, we will coordinate with you to work out a maintenance schedule suitable and convenient for you. Using a combination of site visits and remote login, your systems, network and peripherals will be checked, scanned, updated and tested to ensure they are running at their optimum capability with maximum protection. Between visits our monitored Patch management system will alert us to any new updates for your operating system and common applications including Apple®; Adobe®; Mozilla®; Java® and Google® software*.


Inclusive unlimited support

From minor queries and requests for information, through to the most demanding 3rd line multi-stage fix, our unlimited support means just that. Where an issue is within our remit and resolution is possible, we will fix it**.


Hybrid cloud file storage

Access files on any device from any location - at the office, in your home, or even on the beach. Get fast, uninterrupted access to your files - even without an Internet connection. Centrally administer and manage all access using the strictest, most granular access controls. Unlike other cloud solutions, VCS Hybrid Cloud provides cloud storage that scales for large size files, large number of files, large number of users, and across multiple sites.


Hybrid cloud NAS sync

Cache your files locally using Network Attached Storage for fast, local and secure file sharing. Our file storage solutions synchronise directly with your Cloud storage for seamless, controllable and fast file sharing across your organisation.


Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Mailbox

Microsoft Hosted Exchange is a business-class email messaging and collaboration service designed to help your business communicate securely, efficiently and effectively. Our Unlimited Plus plans include a Microsoft Office 365 mailbox which is also accompanied by an independent mailbox cloud backup/archive service which backs up all mailbox data (Email, calendar, contacts and etc) with unlimited backup storage and retention.


Microsoft Office 365 Application Suite

The full desktop Microsoft office application suite (MS Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and more) which can be installed on up to 5 separate computers (Mac or Windows PC) used by the designated user. Also includes the On-line Web Apps and Mobile apps (Word, Excel, Outlook & PowerPoint) which can be installed on smartphones and tablets (Windows/Android & Apple iOS). Auto updated so you are always on the latest version.


Domain registration and hosting

Registration and hosting for up to 5 domains is included.


Web monitoring and restriction service

Users waste time online in many ways: social networking, viewing video, researching travel, reading blogs, visiting auction, game, sports or news sites - and more. Web monitoring prompts users to instinctively restrict the time they spend on websites - and those who don’t properly manage their time can easily be identified. The service is configurable and controllable giving you complete control.


New equipment / computer installs

Any new equipment or computers purchased from VCS will be installed with zero install fees.


30-day obligation, 30-day terms

You do not have to sign anything and there is no signup or termination fee.  Should you need to switch to another plan or cancel the support we ask just 30 days’ notice. You will be invoiced at the end of the calendar month on 30 day terms. We operate a Direct Debit payment option, as well as accepting payment by card or electronic transfer.


Choose from a range of add-on services and products

Our extensive range of products includes Broadband and can be added to your plan. A full list of services is available on request. 


*A full list of supported software is available on demand.
**Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details.