Cloud Backup for Small To Medium Businesses

The Cloud has forever changed the way your data can be protected. Small to medium sized businesses no longer have to concern themselves with having all their data backed up to an onsite server, nor with keeping it secure or running the gauntlet of hardware failure.

We understand accidents happen; people spill drinks, they download malicious files, they accidentally misclick that really important document… Mistakes are inevitable, but they don’t have to be costly.

At Virtual Cloud Systems, our Cloud backup service integrates seamlessly with the technical infrastructure of your business that is already in place, without the need for purchasing new equipment. Once you are set up, your data is backed up automatically and further actions are recorded and accounted for in real time. This means no matter what happens, your information is immediately accessible.

If Everything Is Backed Up On The Cloud, Is It Safe?

Our business is looking after your business, which is why we strive to provide the most sophisticated business-grade security systems for your data.

We encrypt all files before they leave your computer, and we continuously monitor and upgrade your systems to keep you right at the pinnacle of security-savvy tech. 

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