Cloud Disaster Recovery Services

What’s the worst thing that you could imagine happening to your business? The building floods? The entire system goes down? An evil strain of ransomware manages to take hold? Disasters can and do occur, and whether they are a force of nature or human-induced, it is essential to have a robust disaster recovery strategy prepared.

When disaster strikes a business with no disaster recovery strategy, there is an overwhelming likelihood that the business will fail… Not a pleasant thought.

What’s The Difference Between Disaster Recovery & Data Backup?

A common misconception is that they are one and the same thing, however a disaster recovery strategy is just that; an entire strategy and allocation of actions that have to take place in the wake of something potentially catastrophic.

In order to survive, you must prepare.

How Can We help?

The team at Virtual Cloud Systems will discuss your business and its essential functionalities with you. We will help you identify what applications are vital for your business’s survival in an emergency and take the necessary steps to ensure their continuance, come what may. We also provide risk assessment services and will devise an effective backup policy that will keep your business protected if the worst does occur.

Your disaster recovery plan will encompass both preventative measures and effective response protocols, and we shall continuously monitor your systems for any disaster events.

Don’t chance it. Stay protected with Virtual Cloud Systems.

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