What Are The Benefits of Cloud-Based Computing?

Imagine if all your employees could access any business data and applications they need from anywhere in the world - and on any device. Imagine your data is protected by powerful, ever-evolving security features and you never have to worry about running out of storage space or your server’s continued health. That is the power of the Cloud.

Innovative Cloud technology has allowed smaller businesses the opportunity to compete on a global scale through reduction in costs, easily accessible software and its flexible scalability depending on demand. At Virtual Cloud Systems, we specialise in the provision of cloud-based technologies, expertly tailored to both accommodate your business and help it thrive. 


Cloud Services for Small To Medium Businesses

Our Cloud-based services include….

Email Hosting – Improve and update the digital functionality of your business through our email hosting services. You no longer have to worry about server downtime, malware attacks, archiving or compliance issues. We’re got you covered.

Cloud Storage – We offer efficient, cost-effective storage solutions that meet the needs of your business. Discuss your available options with our team and we will arrange a setup that is optimal for you.

Data Backup - Never have to worry about the loss of important data again with our Cloud backup system. Through backing up your data to offsite servers, we can keep your systems running quickly and efficiently. We also provide a full encryption service to keep all information protected.

Disaster Recovery – Disasters happen, but we make sure the fallout is never painful. Our team’s disaster planning encompasses disasters of all sizes and types; fires, system failures, cyber attacks, etc. We provide disaster recovery that will keep your business safe and your systems available, whatever happens.

Other Cloud Services – But wait, there’s more! We can also supply our customers with hosted domains, websites, virtual servers and workstations.