What is email hosting and how will it benefit my business?

It can be difficult for small to medium sized businesses to grow and maintain their competitiveness in the current market, especially when the funds and resources readily available to larger corporations can seem so out of reach.

If you’re looking to update and improve the digital functionality of your company, email hosting is a straightforward, cost-effective solution to keep your business secure, professional and communication efficient.

Server downtime, unexpected issues and malware attacks can be both time-consuming and very costly for smaller business – so why take the risk? Our bespoke service manages your outbound and inbound emails around the clock, keeping your email running, health monitored and protected.


The VCS Hosted Exchange

At Virtual Cloud systems, we have designed and implemented the VCS Hosted Exchange Account, tailored specifically to fulfil the needs of customers in the small to medium sized business sector.

Powered by Microsoft’s business enterprise grade Exchange software, a VCS Hosted Exchange Account will provide all the hosted email services your company needs. This includes our Cloud-archived backup service, ensuring nothing is ever lost or irretrievable. It also includes calendar and contact data as well, and can be accessed either through dedicated apps such as Outlook or via a webmail platform in an internet browser.

Trust the experts at Virtual Cloud Systems to keep your emails safe, healthy and with guaranteed uptime, so you can concentrate on the important things - Those targets aren’t going to reach themselves!

Key benefits of a VCS Hosted Exchange Account:

  • Guaranteed uptime

  • 24/7 Server health monitoring & maintenance

  • Malware and virus protection

  • Data archiving / backup

  • Full data compliance

  • Someone to talk to if you are experiencing any issues

  • Help managing compliance requirements

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