IT Equipment Leasing

When it comes to getting hold of the technology that will best serve your business, it can be a mystery as to what equipment to choose. Good hardware can also be very expensive and, once purchased, it immediately becomes old hat due to the breakneck speed with which technology progresses.

At Virtual Cloud Systems, we now offer our customers the option to lease a variety of hardware solutions, with no initial investment required.


Why lease your IT equipment from Virtual Cloud Systems?

Our leased solutions enable your business to have the very pinnacle of cutting-edge IT technology at its fingertips, without the negative addition of having to deal with end of life and outdated systems. It simplifies budgeting for new staff and hardware, and liberates you from arduous repair and maintenance costs. 

We provide upgrades and replacements as necessary to keep your business running at optimum efficiency and, in turn, allow your staff to perform at their highest levels of productivity.

For a single monthly fee, Virtual Cloud Systems can provide all of your business IT hardware solutions and ensure their continued operation and functionality. We offer both short and long-term lease options on a variety of devices, including…

  • Laptops

  • Mac & PCs

  • Mobile phones

  • Tablets

  • Servers

  • Printers


Get in touch with our friendly team to learn more and find out how our equipment leasing service can be a straightforward, cost-effective solution to your hardware procurement and maintenance.